You are eligible to participate in the contest if you are an Ontario resident between the ages of 18-29. You can also check out contest eligibility to see what category you’re eligible for.

See the contest rules for your category.

Up for grabs:

  • 8 cash grand prizes
  • 3 Early Bird cash prizes
  • 3 Refer a Friend prizes

+ more prizes that will be given away on Leave The Pack Behind’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Check out the Categories and Prizes page for more details on these amazing prizes!

Quitting or cutting back on your tobacco use can be a big change and likely means that you will be changing more than just your smoking. It’s a great idea to start with some small changes now that will make quitting or cutting back easier for you in the long-run, for instance:

  • Break up your usual routines, like the routine you have around your morning coffee.
  • Start preparing for what you’re going to do in your trigger situations, e.g., plan something to do right after meals, throw out your car ashtray, and make a plan for breaks or talking on the phone.
  • Create distractions that you can use when a craving hits (going for a walk, making a smoothie, calling a friend, etc.)
  • Alcohol doubles your risk of smoking, so take a look at any big events or nights out you have coming up and consider whether you must go, and if so, how you will avoid smoking.
  • Come up with replacements to keep your hands busy if you think this will be a trigger for you. For instance, carry chewing gum or cut up fruits and vegetables to snack on, chew on a straw, or play on your phone to keep your hands busy.
  • Ending your relationship with smoking is a great time to start healthy new ones – maybe now is the time to join a gym, start using your bike, or spend more time with your friends and support crew.

When you sign up for wouldurather… you automatically become part of a growing community of young adults in Ontario who are determined to make positive changes to their tobacco use (and health) and live tobacco-free lives. You can connect with this community by following Leave The Pack Behind on Facebook or Instagram. All contestants and their buddies/support crew will also receive occasional email communication from Leave The Pack Behind with encouraging, supportive tips on how to succeed in your contest category and how to try again if you have a slip up. Of course, you also get the chance to win amazing prizes!

When you register, you will have the option to provide the name and email address of someone who will support you during the contest period (or a list of people who will be your support crew). Having social support (a buddy) is very important when changing your tobacco use behavior. Research has shown that people are more successful when they receive encouragement from friends and family. This person can be a friend, family member or significant other. We encourage you to keep in contact with your buddy or support crew so they can support you and know how you’re doing.

Refer to contest rules & eligibility for more information about the role of your buddy.

Yes, your buddy can smoke but they can also be a non-smoker. When possible, we suggest you choose a buddy who doesn’t use tobacco to support you as it can sometimes be difficult to be around people smoking when you are quitting or cutting back.

Yes! You may use quit aids to help you during the contest period. This includes Nicotine Replacement Therapy (ex. patch, gum), or prescription medications (Zyban or Champix). To find out more about your options and what might work best for you, visit your healthcare provider.

You can still enter the contest if you use vapes/e-cigarettes. It’s important to keep in mind that these products may contain nicotine, and therefore may affect your eligibility to be a winner at the end of the contest period (read the contest rules). Although vapes/e-cigarettes may help you quit, there isn’t enough research evidence to say that these products are as effective in helping you quit long-term as other methods such as nicotine patch/gum/lozenge or prescription medications.

Smoking cannabis when quitting tobacco can make it harder to quit and can make you more likely to relapse (start smoking again). Using cannabis may also affect your eligibility to win one of the Grand Prizes (read the contest rules).

If you’re interested in quitting cannabis when you party, you can enter the wouldurather… contest in the Party Without The Smoke category.

There are a variety of options available to increase your chances of success in the contest – check out the Quit Resources section to find out more about stop-smoking medications, text services, mini-booklets, and more.

Each person’s experience with quitting will be different, and it’s totally normal to feel crappy for the first little while. Check out the withdrawal section for info about how to cope with some common symptoms you may experience.

Congratulations on your success! You’re eligible to enter Quit For Good if you quit on or after November 15th, 2018. If you quit prior to this date, you are not eligible for the Quit For Good category, but you can still sign up for the Don’t Start & Win category and pledge to stay tobacco-free!