Why it works

You can double your chances of quitting successfully when you join the contest1-3 (really, it’s been proven)

Thinking of trying it? Here’s why you should!

  • It’s free: totally and completely
  • It’s easy: it’s all online, no appointments necessary. We’ll even set you up with other quit aids you may want to use to make your quit attempt even easier.
  • We’re giving away cash to randomly selected contestants who go the full 6 weeks. Lots of it. $10,000 to be exact.

Tried before? Try again!

We’ve seen it so many times – the more you try, the more likely you are to succeed4.

And if you don’t make it the full 6 weeks, that’s ok too. Contestants in wouldurather who don’t quit end up smoking less and that’s a step in the right direction1.



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